PS2 Title is Paramount

Titus begin release Preparations.

Posted by Staff
Digital Integration, developers owned by Titus who signed a deal with movie giants Paramount, for exclusive rights to the 1980's hit movie "Top Gun", starring Tom Cruise, are preparing for a pre-Christmas release. The Surrey-based team are close to completing this, their first PS2 title. Patrick Toner, the company's games designer, stated: "This project has allowed us to develop a console style game, totally different in terms of gameplay and visuals than what DI has been known for. I think we've surprised ourselves with what we have already? a pick up and play, fast paced shoot 'em up, set in environments that could not be realised before this hardware was available." Graham Rudd, the project's lead programmer added: "We've moved away from the restrictions of simulation, and played with weapon and handling characteristics to allow the player to fly easily and enjoyably. Using our own engine has allowed us greater freedom than we initially thought possible. Graphically Top Gun is far superior to anything DI has achieved before. Gamers will notice the difference when they see detailed buildings and vehicles that wouldn't look out of place in a first person shooting game," enthused Paul Martin, Top Gun's lead artist. Anthony Redfern, Producer for the studio, stated: "We're all very proud of our achievements on this project, this is definitely a sign of good things to come."