Game Boy Advances to Grand Master

Titus announce the release of Virtual Kasparov for GBA.

Posted by Staff
In a move set to have kings and queens running for their castles and knights, Titus has announced the release of Virtual Kasparov for Game Boy Advance as January 2002.

Featuring a total of 62 chess games, Virtual Kasparov showcases a highly complex chess engine designed by the authors of the renowned PC program Virtual Chess as well as an opening repertoire from the greatest and most renowned chess player ever, Garry Kasparov.

Virtual Kasparov has been designed to appeal to all levels of player from beginner to Grand Master with a total of 50 chess tutorial modules. To keep single players ?hooked? there are 31 unique opponents, each with individual personalities, and an added ?story mode? with bonuses to unlock new opponents, areas and games. Furthermore, to checkmate even the most ardent chess fan, Virtual Kasparov includes a two player link with single pack mode. If time is of the essence then the ?quick start mode? will allow players to jump straight into a game and also offers the option to customise player profiles.

With a whole army of exceptional ?moves?, Virtual Kasparov is guaranteed to give hours of pleasure and teach technical chess knowledge and history to players from novice to expert.