Virgin Waits to Lotus Have It

Game enhancements mean PS2 title delayed until November 9th 2001.

Posted by Staff
PlayStation 2 owners eagerly expecting the September release of Virgin Interactive?s highly anticipated Lotus Challenge will need to wait a little longer ? but the good news is the game will be even better, thanks to its extended pit stop.

Following on from consumer and press feedback, developer KuJu Entertainment has tweaked several aspects of the game, in order to ensure it plays as well as possible.

Perhaps the most noticeable improvement is with the control method, which has been refined to ensure each Lotus handles much more responsively. The additional development time has been used to improve the computer racers? artificial intelligence, to make for even more thrilling races. Finally, camera angles have been tweaked to offer an increased sensation of speed.

?We?ve been keen to work hand-in-hand with the press and public throughout Lotus Challenge?s development,? says Roy Campbell, General Manager, Virgin Interactive UK, ?which is why we have delayed the release. These additional two months will allow us to fully realise the potential of the Lotus name with one of most comprehensive and exhilarating racing games on PlayStation 2.

?Particularly, these changes address concerns highlighted by those magazines which have looked at early review code. We?re confident that the new and improved Lotus Challenge will be even more favourably received.?

Lotus Challenge will be published by Virgin Interactive on November 9th, 2001, priced 39.99.