Ignition Entertainment announces that this summer's most anticipated First-Person Shooter is available today for download on PC

Futuristic shooter delivers 12 maps, seven game types, four co-op missions and trillions of weapon combinations – all for only 15 Euros

Posted by Staff
After months of anticipation and an overwhelmingly positive reception at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Ignition Entertainment announce that Blacklight: Tango Down is available for download on the PC via Steam, Microsoft Games for Windows, Impulse and Direct 2 Drive. The futuristic shooter, which successfully launched last week for the Xbox LIVE® Arcade, brings non-stop fun and an exhilarating experience to the DLG venue as it offers 12 multiplayer maps, seven game types, four co-op missions and literally trillions of weapon combinations – all for only 15 Euro. Following its release on PC, the game will be arriving on PlayStation Network in the coming weeks.

In Blacklight: Tango Down, players are equipped with high-tech, futuristic gear that makes combat fascinating and surreal. Its weapon customization system allows for trillions of different configurations that deliver unlimited adaptability and variety of gameplay. Each player is also equipped with a Hyper Reality Visor (HRV), an advanced imaging system in the player’s Heads up Display that detects nearby enemy and friendly forces and relays the information back to players, giving them immediate battlefield intelligence.

While the weapon customization system and Hyper-Reality Visor may seem like science fiction, the technology featured in the game isn’t too far from creation in real life. The weapon customization system is based on the core weapons that our soldiers have been using since the 1960’s. The HRV uses cell phone towers and satellites to detect nearby enemy and friendly forces and identifies nearby objectives including health and ammo stations.