EON to Set Sail with Sea Dogs

Sail the seven seas in Bethesda's Pirate RPG.

Posted by Staff
EON Digital Entertainment is set to release Bethesda Softworks' highly acclaimed PC title, Sea Dogs, throughout Europe this November. This award-winning game is set on the pirate-laden high seas of the 16th Century and combines elements of role-playing, naval combat, and strategy into a stunning tale of piracy and exploration.

Featuring non-linear gameplay and four separate storylines, Sea Dogs puts you in command of your own ship and crew and lets you sail in search of untold riches and fame. You can choose to take quests and missions under the flags of the nautical powers of the day -- English, French or Spanish -- or go it alone as a cutthroat pirate. At any time during the game you can change allegiances (and storylines) and follow a fresh wind. The choices in Sea Dogs are endless, and all the decisions you make will have a profound effect on the way your adventure unfolds.

There are 20 customisable ships to choose from, from small boats to huge battleships. To expedite your enemies' trip to a watery grave, there is also a wide range of cannon and shot types to play with to send your rivals' sails up in flames. Hire officers to complement your abilities and increase your skills in sailing, fighting, trading, and more. Further increase your power by hiring captains to sail under your flag and fight alongside you, where you have command or how and whom they attack.

Sea Dogs achieves full realism through changing weather conditions and various day/night lighting conditions. Authentic, busy towns act as a focal point for the game and are a hotbed of gossip where a shrewd skipper can gain useful information for future missions or conquests. As new islands are explored you might be attacked by natives, create settlements, hire staff, search for treasure, or sink rival ships.

With Sea Dogs' cutting edge enemy A.I. and an astounding 3D engine, EON is bringing the thrilling world of 16th Century life at sea onto your shores and your PCs. Sea Dogs was developed by Akella.

Sea Dogs will be released for PC in November from EON Digital Entertainment. For more information, visit the Bethesda's official Sea Dogs Web site at: http://seadogs.bethsoft.com