Get Ready for the Most Thrilling PlayStation Racing Game of the Year

THQ fire the starting line with the UK release Hot Wheels Extreme Racing on September 14.

Posted by Staff
Hot Wheels Extreme Racing is the first high speed Hot Wheels racing game exclusively designed for PlayStation that actually allows you to customise your ride! Choose from nine different body types and many accessories.

Deck out your vehicle for outrageously optimal performance as you power from one explosive crash to another.

Trick out your vehicle for outrageous performance with a heavy duty array of pontoons, superchargers and wings and more, then hit the track and wreak some serious havoc on your opponents, in either single player or head-to-head racing nirvana.

A firm favourite with boys young and old alike for the past 33 years, Hot Wheels, incorporating the famous Spectraflame paint colours, continues to enthral a new generation of 5-15 year old boys. Hot Wheels Extreme Racing captures the old school racing adrenaline, created by the original miniature die-cast vehicles and accelerates it into the future. Combine the heritage of Hot Wheels toys with the latest in videogame development and behold the most dazzling PlayStation racing game of the year!

Outstanding Fame Features

  • 9 different body types with hundreds of customisable accessories
  • Customised Hot Wheels vehicles transform to handle land, air and water across 9 different environments. Driving through transform portals will transform cars into another vehicle type
  • Pickup weapons: along the way drivers can pick up weapons and assorted items that will enable you to slow down your opponents
  • Race in single or head-to-head competition up to 4 players
  • Outstanding arsenal of pontoons, wings, superchargers, etc.
  • Includes several unique looped tracks consisting of 3 laps, each of which is divided into three cups: easy, medium and hard
  • A trusted 'parent friendly' name for over 30 years
  • Mattel is one of the top boys toy brands
  • Collectability: 41 million men still collect Hot Wheels

In addition to the release of Hot Wheels Extreme Racing in September, THQ will be releasing two more fantastic Hot Wheels titles for the PC during October 2001. Hot Wheels Jetz and Hot Wheels Mechanix will retail for 19.99 each.