For Those About to Rock - Here's the Tweenies

Enjoy hours of musical fun with Tweenies - Play to the Music from BBC Multimedia.

Posted by Staff
Following on from the hugely successful Tweenies - Ready to Play - last year's top selling children's PC CD-ROM in the UK - comes Tweenies - Play to the Music on PC CD-ROM from BBC Multimedia. Sing and dance your way to hours of fun and enjoyment with Bella, Jake, Fizz and Milo in a range of interactive games and activities that explore rhythms, dance, song and music.

Equipped with a free microphone and dance mat, Tweenies - Play to the Music is all about playing music and having fun for 3 to 5 year old children. Capturing the bouncy pace of the television show with an abundance of activities, children are encouraged to join in, sing along, dance away, solve musical puzzles, play away with the Noisy Things...and lots more!

One of the game's fun elements is the Noisy Things - a selection of very special noises from different animals and things, including a cow, a dog, and fire engine and many more. These sounds can be collected by the player and held in the Music Box. Use the Noisy Things to create your very own Tweenie Song, or use them to play on the on-screen Tweenie Keyboard. Users can play a scale of 'moos' with the cow, or 'woofs' with the dog, which children have responded to very well in testing.

Most of the activities have easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty so as children get better at each game, they can progress to the next level.

The activities include

  • Dance Time - This is where the action really kicks off! Children will be encouraged to use the dance mat - included in the box with the CD-ROM - and copy Bella's and Fizz's dance moves. Alternatively, players get to help Fizz copy Bella's movements by clicking on the icons on the on-screen dance mat and watch them jumping and jiving to the music.

  • Noisy Paintbox - Create 'noisy' paintings of your own in this multi-faceted musical paint activity. Every colour, texture and painting tool makes its own noise! A print facility is available so the child print off their masterpieces.

  • Tweenie Band - Mix and match a selection of instruments with the Tweenies to play a song. It's just like being in charge of your own Tweenie band! Swap them around to make the best music before plugging in your microphone and singing along with them!

  • Video Jukebox - pick a short video clip and use the microphone - included in the box with the CD-ROM - to sing along with the Tweenies to your favourite hits. Songs include the chart hits Number 1 and Best Friends Forever plus fantastic footage from the Tweenies Live Show

Other fabulous activities include The Music Garden, Clap Hands and the Tunearoonie Maze.

"Tweenies - Play to the Music is all about having fun with music and learning about music in an enjoyable way" comments Director of BBC Multimedia, Dave Lee. "Participation and inclusion is key - the activities are aimed at encouraging children to have fun, to learn and to dance and sing with the free dance mat and microphone."

Every screen will feature easy access to "Help from Max" who will talk the child through different parts of the game. No matter what activity the child is playing, Max is always close at hand to ensure the game is lots of fun to play!

Another Tweenies title, Tweenies - Doodles' Bones on Game Boy Color, is scheduled also for release on 19 October 2001.