Infogrames Launches Into Stores with Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos For PC

Sequel to the award winning space sim featuring Internet and LAN multiplayer support and revolutionary graphics ships to stores this week.

Posted by Staff
LOS ANGELES, CA August 28, 2001 Get your throttle fingers ready, because Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos is warping into stores this week! Infogrames, Inc., (Nasdaq: IFGM) a global publisher of interactive entertainment software, is taking to the galaxy as Independence War 2 gives gamers what they?ve been anxiously waiting for, the sequel to the award-winning space simulator. On the cold frontier of Known Space, the murder of one man will set in motion events that could lead to freedom for the oppressed ones or to the utter annihilation of humanity.

Original Independence War fans and newcomers to the space sim scene alike will be absorbed into the rich storyline, which features an epic quest through space, said Tom Richardson, director of marketing at Infogrames? Los Angeles label. With an awe-inspiring 3D dynamic universe, Internet and LAN multiplayer options and realistic flight physics made possible by an incredible new engine, Independence War 2 players will never be able to turn their computers off!

Cal Johnston?s life is dictated by the promise of revenge. He was just twelve when his young life was shattered by the brutal murder of his father at the hands of the ruthless Caleb Maas. A failed revenge attempt left him incarcerated in a maximum-security hard labor camp. For fifteen years Cal has dreamt of avenging his father?s death. Together with his fellow escapees, Cal and his loyal band of pirates are destined to become inextricably drawn into the events that will spark the second Independence War.

As in the original Independence War, this sequel continues to focus on the logistics and physics of a space simulator while incorporating an action/adventure element with a rich, emotion-evoking storyline and dynamic characters. New to the series is a revolutionary graphics engine, allowing for such effects as rust, decay and wear on ships and stunning fire and flare effects. All ships in the game are modeled using the same textures and details as the ships in the computer-generated movies.

Other features made possible by the new technology include superior non-linear gameplay spanning 16 star systems and the ability to interact with dynamically created space traffic over hundreds of different locales. An innovative user-friendly interface allows 90% of the game?s functions to be accessed by joystick.

Independence War 2 allows players to command four playable ships with over 100 weapons and upgrades that can be used in near-infinite combinations. With Internet and LAN multiplayer support for up to eight people, gamers can play DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Bomb Tag or design their own scenarios. Watch the space opera unfold!

Developed by Particle Systems, Independence War 2 shipped to most major retail stores this week with an estimated retail price of $39.95 and an ESRB rating of ?E? for Everyone.

Independence War 2 is designed for computers using the Microsoft Windows95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows ME operating systems.