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Sky Sports Football Manager – the latest threat for soccer widows…

Posted by Staff
On August 18th football fans all over will again rejoice and long-suffering partners will groan as the likes of Henry, Veron and Di Canio return for another season of ups and downs. As they do so, Sky Sports Football Manager, the first online management title, will be ready to cause even more damage to football-threatened relationships by enticing true fans even closer to the beautiful game.

Sky Sports Football Manager is the only management title fully endorsed by the Sky Sports network and offers players complete control over any UK or International side. Every aspect of management falls under the player's jurisdiction, with buying and selling players, coping with injuries and setting tactics all controlled via a simple menu system.

Where Sky Sports Football Manager differs from previous management titles, however, is its use of the online environment. Subscribers to the game are constantly kept abreast of the availability of real players as detailed in Sky Sport's TV coverage. As such, the game genuinely conveys the feeling of pressure felt by managers within the Premiership, Nationwide leagues and the SPL as books are hastily balanced to grab the next Van Nistelrooy while also holding on to your own unsettled assets.

Sky Sports Football Management takes football to the next level. The constant procession of updates as the game mimics the wheeling and dealing of the real thing makes for an engrossing experience - with only results counting in the game's cutthroat world. Subscription costs are a mere £6.99 per month which includes installation software and the daily transfer updates - but the cost to your relationship could be a lot higher…