Surfers VIE For Free Cars

Virgin Interactive giving away Lotus cars online.

Posted by Staff
The adage ?nothing in this life is free? is about to be shattered by Virgin Interactive as it launches a new web site where surfers can grab free cars featured in its forthcoming PlayStation 2 racer Lotus Challenge.

Located at, the site has been constructed to offer browsers an insight into the style and content of Lotus Challenge, which is due for release in October. Once logged in, surfers will find a wealth of information and assets ? complete with ?unlockable? content that can only be accessed once certain online challenges have been met.

The cars on offer are genuine, in-game models, taken directly from the code. Users can view 3D models and fully examine the glorious rendering ? exactly as they appear on a PlayStation 2. These cars are very sexy and can be viewed online or downloaded in a ridiculously short time, allowing users to build up a collection of cars to rival Lord Montague.

Those with an interest in the game?s soundtrack will be kept entertained. Streaming MP3s of the Hybrid tracks are on offer ? but those that think they can do better can remix Joyrider, the band?s latest single, online, before it hits the shops.

The screen saver is similarly gorgeous, unleashing a snazzy Lotus car onto users? desktops. Once installed, it will race, duel and perform stunts across folders and backgrounds, making this one of the most dynamic savers of screens around.

?Lotus Challenge is a quality title, so we wanted to ensure its web site is one of the best around,? says Dan Taylor, New Media Manager, Virgin Interactive. ?We?ve gone all out to make sure is more than a glorified brochure ? with the unlockable content and stylish in-game menu system, we?re confident it will be one of the most popular games sites around.? is live now. The game is due for release on PlayStation in October, and Xbox during Q2 2002.