Cyber Multimedia to Market Incagold Titles

Incagold reaches strategic mission milestone with 20 title deal in India.

Posted by Staff
New Delhi, India – Following a trend of ten-plus title deals in countries around the globe in recent months, IncaGold has revealed that they have now reached another strategic mission milestone with a new 20-title range deal in India. The agreement, which solidifies IncaGold’s position within the worldwide casual entertainment market for PC/CD-ROM, is with Cyber Multimedia, the leading publisher, developer and distributor of quality CD-ROMs in India.

The specifics of the deal give Cyber Multimedia the rights to publish a variety of IncaGold games into not only India, but into other markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait and Egypt. Upon signing, Cyber Multimedia has taken eight titles right away, including immensely popular titles such as Scooter Challenge, Speed Thief and Paintball Heroes

“This type of cooperative agreement falls exactly in line with IncaGold’s strategic mission and goals for the organisation,” says Richard Holmes, Managing Director. “We are out to become the leading player in casual gaming around the world. Although we have captured a number of markets, continuing deals with market leaders such as Cyber Multimedia is definitely the passport to our future success.”

Also excited about the agreement is Nilesh Garge, Product Manager for Cyber Multimedia. “We are really pleased at the way IncaGold has been able to work with us. Our company has a great market for their type of games and feel that this is merely the beginning of a long lasting partnership.”

Talks are also underway between Cyber Multimedia and IncaGold regarding a possible partnership where in Cyber Multimedia will develop interactive games for IncaGold across various platforms including PC, wireless devices, and internet games as well.