Special Gold Edition of the acclaimed PC strategy title Grand Ages Rome will be released across Europe in February.

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Kalypso Media today confirmed that a special Gold Edition of the acclaimed PC strategy title Grand Ages Rome will be released across Europe in February. As well as the full version of Grand Ages Rome (including all add ons) the Gold Edition will also include the new official expansion pack Reign of Augustus.

Grand Ages Rome is the long awaited sequel to the bestselling strategy game Imperium Romanum and sees you taking on the role of Governor of a Roman Province during the time-honoured Roman Empire, its fortune very much resting in your hands. The Gold Edition will provide fans with the ultimate ?Rome? strategy gameplay package with Reign of Augustus further expanding the Grand Ages Rome universe with the following new features
? All new single player campaign with 12 Missions
? 12 new maps
? 6 new multiplayer maps for 2-4 players
? 4 new buildings: Senate, Tax Office, Odeum, Hospital
? 20 new estate bonuses
? Authority - certain buildings generate Authority that can be used to benefit the player or hinder opponents
? 21 new talents to acquire
? New decorations - statues and gardens
? God Mode - free build map with few disasters and unlimited resources
? New campaign intro video
? Additional multiplayer features including pre-built towns & pre-built town walls
? 3 new patrons (Agrippa, Nero, Drusus)
? Roads - connect your city to the major roman roads to gain or generate additional resources and enable units travel faster
? Removal tool for roads, trees, platforms and decorations
Grand Ages Rome Gold Edition will be available on PC across Europe from 19th February (RRP 29.99). For all the latest information visit

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