New Space Invaders Money Saving Mini Arcade Machine

Here comes the Retro Table Top Arcade Invasion!

Posted by Staff
Following in the footsteps of the massively successful Sega Megadrive handheld and the two player Megadrive console, have announced they have stock of their new retro games machine, The Space Invaders Table Top Arcade Machine!

There is something about the sheer addictiveness of the legendary game that has seen Space Invaders out live just about every other title since its release many moons ago.

Gamers can once more revel in the super addictive blast-em up from yesteryear with this small but perfectly formed version of the table top classic.

This new incarnation of the world?s no1 game brings back the cool looks and game play of the classic machine without the need to build a games room at the bottom of the garden.

Should you really want a games room at the bottom of the garden, this new gadget can help you save your cash and make your childhood dreams a reality! As you will remember with the original version, the game is started by inserting a coin. This is also true of this new mini version which saves your coins until the time comes to empty the machine and count the fruits of your labour!

Your friends and family will not be able to put it down, their faces beaming with a nostalgic glow, all the while feeding it with all the change in their pockets. At the point when they do eventually leave, then is the time to empty it out and harvest their hard earned pennies!

Everyone?s a winner!

The Space Invaders Table Top Arcade Machine is available now from at a mini price of 69.99.

For more information please click the link below: