So You Wanna Be A Rock Superstar?

Move over Nasty 'Popstars' Nigel, there's a new kid in town.

Posted by Staff
Leading computer games publisher PAN Interactive takes you on a journey in to the showbiz world of rock 'n' roll, with the most strategic and compelling rock management simulation game of the year. Enter the fast moving and cutthroat world of Rock Manager (29.99). The game is released nationwide in the UK on 5th October 2001. Rock Manager is the first authentic rock 'n' roll management simulation game for the personal computer.

Rock Manager puts you in control of your very own rock band. Your task is simple. Make them superstars. This is not Popstars! Anything goes in the razzle dazzle world of swindle, lies and rock 'n' roll. Buy your own singles, bribe local radio stations and stroke the over-sized egos of the self-absorbed and easily fooled musicians. When you're a Rock Manager, do whatever it takes to rocket to the top of the charts and make a shipload of cash money.

Rock Manager lets you create the band's unique image and style. Choose your band with extreme caution. The higher the wage, the better the musician. Inter-band conflicts and ego-trips are bound to occur. It's your job and responsibility as Rock Manager to manage their volatile and artistic temperaments.

Is the press losing interest in your band? Are singles sales sagging and sponsorship deals few and far between? Mastermind a scandal and throw an outrageous party in the band's hotel room. Just tip off your favourite tabloid snitch reporter and watch your band climb the charts!

Choose from up to nine different, creative and challenging missions as the ultimate Rock Manager; gatekeeper to the stars of the future. From Daddy's Girl, where your mission is to make the tone deaf and fantastically ugly daughter of the local mob kingpin, a rock 'n' roll starlet! To Poor Young Man, where you manage a young man who has the talent to go all the way. His music is promising and media expectations are going through the roof, but as an artist he is painfully shy. Often depressed and suicidal, he fascinates the media and this is probably the reason for his success.

Rock Manager is to computer games what Spinal Tap is to the movie industry.

Outstanding Game Features

  • Put a band together, select 24 musicians with individual personalities and styles

  • Design record sleeves, make videos and organise world tours

  • Choose from more than 20 original songs to produce via the advanced music studio engine

  • Orchestrate marketing plans via newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations

  • Keep your grumpy, complaining musicians happy with carefully selected gigs and backstage goodies and surprises

  • 9 challenging and entertaining in-game missions

  • Recognisable characters, associated with real-life stars

  • Each character is equipped with irony, humour and a politically incorrect attitude

  • The development team has a background in the music industry

  • Build a career that transports you from rough rock clubs to international concert arenas