White Knuckle Thrills From the Sixties and Seventies

JoWooD Productions presents the first historic rally simulation.

Posted by Staff
JoWooD Productions and Bugbear Entertainment have teamed up to bring racing fans a unique and compelling driving simulation. Rally Trophy, due for release in September 2001, is a rally sim with a difference. Instead of the modern, run of the mill WRC cars found in nearly every other rally game on the market, Rally Trophy features the illustrious cars of yesteryear. From the Mini Cooper 1275S and the Hillman Rallye Imp, to the Ford Escort MK1 RS2000, the Ford Lotus Cortina and the Porsche 911, in Rally Trophy, players will be able to pilot twelve timeless classics from the golden age of rallying.

Conceived and developed by Bugbear Entertainment of Finland, Rally Trophy promises to breathe fresh life into a worn-out genre with its novel approach. The officially licensed vehicles featured in Rally Trophy are from an age before active suspension, 4WD and electronic fuel injection - crude suspension and tyres by today's standards coupled with high power to weight ratios and rear-wheel drive mean these cars can be a handful to keep on the road!

In contrast to its subject matter, Rally Trophy's game engine is strictly on the technological cutting-edge. Beautiful, detailed 3D environments give the player go-anywhere freedom; cars don't simply bounce back onto the course after a mistake like they do in some other rally games; they crash realistically through trees and down ravines, until they come to rest. Spectacular crashes are the order of the day as vehicles roll, spin and flip into the air, sustaining realistic damage as they go. Rally Trophy's detailed simulation means that as cars sustain damage, their performance and handling will suffer accordingly. Just getting to the end of the stage in one piece is part of the game's unique challenge; players could find themselves limping past the finish line with body panels battered and missing, cracked or shattered windows, damaged suspension, gearbox failure and more.

Rally Trophy boasts an extremely accurate physics simulation - cars in the game move with striking realism across the myriad of track surfaces and the tail-happy roadholding of the older vehicles featured in the game makes driving them fantastic fun but requires considerable skill to master.

Advanced graphical effects mean accurate, real-time lighting and shadows, realistic weather and incredible particle effects where cars not only throw up dust and snow behind them but also actually drag it along in their slipstream.

Rally Trophy will feature over 40 stages in varied locations around the world and multi-player support supporting six cars on track at once. Internet play will allow up to 64 players to compete in a championship.

Managing Director of JoWooD Productions UK Ltd., Vip Patel said, "Rally Trophy is an innovative and ambitious project, it mixes the 'pick up and play' appeal of the best arcade-style games with the realism and intensity of the most detailed simulation. Its original approach is already generating enormous interest from the PC racing community and we anticipate that the finished product will leave its competitors at the starting line."

Speed fans will be able to get their driving gloves on Rally Trophy when it is published on Windows CD-ROM by JoWooD Productions in September 2001.

An X-Box version of Rally Trophy is due to be published by JoWooD Productions in 2002.

Rally Trophy Feature Summary

  • 12 officially licensed classic cars
  • 49 stages, including 10 circuit courses for arcade races against AI opponents
  • Stages set in large 3D worlds - vehicles roll down hillsides and get caught in forests
  • Highly detailed, accurate physics simulation for ultimate realism
  • Support for the latest 3D accelerator cards - incredible visuals with advanced lighting and particle effects
  • Dynamic weather conditions present varied challenge
  • Cars sustain realistic visual damage that also affects handling and performance
  • Vehicle tuning and repairs add strategy element to gameplay
  • ELSPA Age Rating 3+
  • Release September 2001
  • Price 29.99