Zax is a Total Blast for JoWooD

Introducing Zax - The Alien Hunter, an epic action-adventure from JoWooD Productions.

Posted by Staff
JoWooD Productions has announced the release of Zax - The Alien Hunter this PC title adding to the already strong line up from JoWooD Productions for the fourth quarter of this year.

His ship badly damaged and stranded on an unchartered planet, soon to be vaporised by a supernova, Rollin Triskin "Zax" is having a very bad day. Lacking supplies and surrounded by danger, he's going to need all his years of military training just to survive, let alone get home.

Our hero is Zax, an intergalactic adventurer looking to get rich by scavenging rare and valuable Caranthian Ore & Crystals. Just as he thinks he has found the ultimate stockpile and his passport to riches; he is shot out of space and crash-lands on a mysterious and hostile planet. Now faced with the task of repairing his ship, he must venture out into this strange world to find what he needs and hopefully enough crystals and ore to make himself rich in the process. Upon doing so, he discovers that all is not well on the planet and he soon becomes embroiled in the fight of the native people against an angry godů

Vip Patel, Managing Director of JoWooD Productions UK Ltd. said, "Zax - The Alien Hunter is an action game with a difference. A strong, integral storyline, role-playing elements and fantastic rendered graphics set it apart from the competition. With a huge single player campaign offering over forty hours of gameplay and extensive multi-player options, Zax will keep itchy trigger fingers occupied for months to come.