The Beautiful Game (Boy Advance)

Virgin Interactive to release the first GBA footie title.

Posted by Staff
The Premier League may get under way on August 11th, but the real fan’s football season starts a month later when Virgin Interactive releases European Super League – the first football game to kick-off on Game Boy Advance.

ESL AGB can be enjoyed from a top-down or isometric perspective – but whatever the view from the stands, it will always play a silky-smooth game of football. Instantly ‘pick-up-able’ controls will have portable players passing precisely within minutes, whilst the depth on offer will enable show-offs to perform some superb moves.

16 fully licensed teams make up the cast list, with the respective stadiums combining to provide the greatest stage of all. The likes of Ronaldo, Zidane, Davids and Nesta will excite even the least fanatical football fan as games players get to admire their ball skills in the very palms of their hands.