Virgin Continues Mayhem

Anticipated PC title confirmed for a September 2001 release.

Posted by Staff
Real-time role-playing and strategy fans can once again rejoice ? Virgin Interactive has confirmed that Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic is due to be released on PC CD-ROM this September.

Virgin today announced that highly-acclaimed developer Climax Entertainment has taken over the development reigns of The Art of Magic from Charybdis.

?Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic was always one of the stand-out titles within our portfolio,? says Roy Campbell, Managing Director, Virgin Interactive Europe, ?so we are delighted we can confirm its release date in time for the key buying season. The press feedback so far has been amazing, and we look forward to it?s performance at retail. We are confident that with the experience of the new team, Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic will be one of the finest examples of its genre.?

With almost two decades? worth of gaming heritage, Art of Magic builds on previous RPG strategy classic Magic & Mayhem ? released on PC in 1999 ? to deliver the same enthralling gameplay but with a host of new features.

The single player campaign introduces a plot that will hook even the most casual gamer. As Aurax, a young fledging sorcerer, the player discovers that he commands the ability to cast spells and summon creatures. As the story unfolds, Aurax?s sister is kidnapped and so begins an adventure which will see the young wizard hone and increase his powers as he explores the fantasy realm around him.

Alternatively, the gamer can pit his strategic mind against enemies in Skirmish or Multiplayer mode. Both modes offer the chance to take on multiple enemy wizards on a variety of battlefields. It?s a challenge to notice the difference between the ingenious AI of the computer in Skirmish or real players on LAN and the Internet in Multiplayer mode.

Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic will be published in September by Virgin Interactive, priced 29.99.

Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic Features

Over 30 different, fully 3D levels

A library of 50 devastating spells

24 varied creatures in battle like Centaurs, Vampires and Giant Spiders

Battle multi-player battles over LAN or Internet

An epic, involving plot for the single-player campaign.