Press Release: Vampire Hunter D

There is only one man...who rides alone. He is the Vampire Hunter.

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Before you go to sleep, say your prayers and hope for pleasant dreams. When the quiet of darkness falls and peaceful slumber beckons the undead awake. The undead arise in search of blood. No one's safe. There is no way out. There is only one man...who rides alone. He is the Vampire Hunter.

In a world of hidden dangers. In a time of great unrest. He is both darkness and light.

A place of beauty. A time of evil. A sweet seduction. Outside, Outcast.
He has their power. He knows their secret. He seeks an answer. He is the only hope for survival.

Close your eyes and prey.

The distant future...Vampires rule the night. but their numbers are dwindling. With huge bounties on their heads, a new breed has emerged. Bounty Hunters. One hunter is unlike all the others. He is a Dunpeal - half human, half vampire. At war with himself, feared by all. tortured and alone, he is Vampire Hunter D.

Vampire Hunter D PlayStation game is taken from the popular series of Vampire Hunter D books which have each sold over 1 million copies in 15 different languages. Most famously the film Blade with Wesley Snipes is based on the Vampire Hunter D series. The 1989 manga movie based on the novels is considered to be a classic in the genre. In 2000 a new movie will be released based on the third novel in the series.

The video game starts at the gates of the castle on your latest bounty mission. The beautiful daughter of one of the villagers has been abducted by Vampire Mier Link. D is hired to rescue her and in exchange will collect $500,000. D must fight the vampire and all the other ghouls that inhabit the castle and end the tyranny of the Count.

Are you brave enough to guide D though the beautiful and supernatural castle and win back the fair maiden.......will she want to come back after being in the spell of the Vampire?

Beautiful draw animation and graphics, hours of gameplay following the plot of the novel, great soundtrack and terrifying effects, spells, wooden stakes, shafts of light, fanged teeth, bats, coffins etc. Sword fights, hand to band combat and neck biting. Some of the best in game movies ever seen.

Legals: ' 2000 Victor Interactive Software. 2000 JVC Music Europe Ltd.
All rights reserved.
Price TBC: UK 34.99 / Germany 99.99 / France 349 / Spain 8500 Developer: Victor interactive Software SLES: SLES02731 ELSPA/USK/SELL: 15+ Format: SonyPlayStation

Release Date:March 2000 Genre:Interactive Movie RPG Players:1 player Analogue: DualShock compatible, Memory card:1 block.