Victory Boxing Challenger

After a year and a half of re-conditioning Victory Boxing steps back into the ring to defend it's title as "the best boxing game around".

Posted by Staff
The success of the Victory Boxing brand speaks for itself with VB2 described in 1999 by Official PlayStation Magazine as; "The best Boxing game around, Makes the rest look like glass jawed has beens."

Victory Boxing 'Challenger' features new graphics, gameplay and fight modes offering more variation and choice, This includes a gym mode where you can add power points to increase your boxers level of fitness and condition.

The trainer is still present, available to offer advice on new moves to help you win those important fights, there is also a wider variety of moves to learn as well as secret rings & characters. Redrawn @ 60 frames per second with a new graphics engine Victory Boxing 'Challenger' is quicker, smoother and clearer and answers the criticisms levelled at VB2.
Other in game additions include an on-screen heart monitor making the fights that more tactical, the more you punch the faster it beats, the faster it beats the slower you will eventually become, ploughing in with a flurry of heavy hitting can be risky to your energy but on the other hand could secure you with an all important early decisive win.
'Challenger' also allows you to create your own boxer too, something that was missing from the previous version and allows you to design the look and overall appearance of your fighter from face to boots.

Title: Victory Boxing Challenger Price: 34.99
Barcode:5031320002639 Developer: Victor Interactive Software SLES 02727 ELSPA: ages 11+ Format: PlayStation only Release Date: late March 2000 Genre: Sports Sim Players: 1 or 2 player Analogue & DualShock compatible Memory Card: 1- 2 blocks.

40 Boxers each with their own personal styles and techniques,
faster gameplay, training, conditioning and Boxer fitness management, on-screen EGG heart monitor player warning, hyper-punch or simulation fight style option, all new Team Elite mode,
custom boxer mode, create your own look!

Improved sound effects.