Football For 'em! Oh, Alright Then, It's A Football Forum

Are you addicted to football? Passionate about the sport? Worship the turf?

Posted by Staff
Addiction Test is setting up the ultimate links page to the most passionate football sites ? all you have to do is enter the URL of your favourite soccer site at

Not everyone share?s the belief that football is a beautiful game, already the organisers have received some amusing feedback We think you?ll agree it?s a perfect illustration of our nation?s great game!

?Football, in my opinion, is a total waste of time and money. Just an excuse for men to shout at each other, form tribes and fight. I think playing a sport is extremely good, builds team spirit, good exercise, friendship. But just sitting about drinking lager watching someone else run up and down is pathetic. A real waste of life, energy and time. Either play the bloody game or leave it be. Manchester United supporters who have never been to Manchester strike me as the saddest of all football supporters. Clearly an attachment made only to make the supporter feel as though something in their life is winning. A sad distraction from a
horrid life that they won't change cos Football makes it all seem fine. Idiots all.?

Addiction Test has also been sponsored by the release of the new Playstation soccer game International League Soccer ? to investigate soccer chiefs concerns over growing levels of addiction to the sport. On the site you can watch the highly controversial video currently being used in experiments, which contains a mixture of adult material and footage of the game International League Soccer.

At you can also read about how soccer has affected the life of real addicts. In their search for confessions the research team have secured a Playstation 2 console for the person who supplies the most inspiring story of football addiction. It is hoped that this equally addictive prize will help induce addicts to confess all.