The Titus Interactive Group Announce Downforce

If you're bored with Formula One, you're bored with life. If you're bored with life, don't give up just yet, wait until Downforce comes out.

Posted by Staff
Formula One has become dull too many rules and regulations are taking the excitement out of the sport. A few adrenaline hungry drivers decide to break away from the associations responsible and form their own, high octane, racing league. Enter the Downforce championship, for the PlayStation 2, from the Titus Interactive Group.

Forget the F1 vehicles you see on the TV, these cars are not hindered by restrictions and legislation, and feature the modifications that the manufacturers have always wanted to make. Their reaction times are faster, their braking speed is sharper, steering is more responsive and they look like they sound, FAST.

The tracks are REALY hardcore, specifically created to make use of the newly designed vehicles. Set in some of the most visually impressive settings from around the world, each track offers the player an atmospheric surrounding to compliment the detailed race path.

This is not a championship for the weak hearted, at these speeds collisions can result in you and your vehicle being reduced to pulp against the pit lane wall, or being hurled with excessive force into the screaming crowd. And watch out for vehicle debris, bouncing wheels at 200mph and fuselage debris can create death traps on the track.

Downforce on the PS2 concentrates on making F1 exciting, no rules, no regulations and no restrictions.

8 street based tracks, researched and designed for speed and excitement.
2 routes per track.
10 drivers and 2 hidden characters.
7 game modes.
2 player split screen modes.
World model uses Real-time Rigid Body Dynamics.
Highlights replay system/Real-time animations.
Dolby Surround Sound.
Fully breakable vehicle models.