Next Season?s Championship is Already Decided

October launch date announced for the final season update of Championship Manager 3 ? Season 01/02.

Posted by Staff
While some Premiership clubs are still debating who will control their team affairs for next season, Sports Interactive and Eidos have put an end to speculation regarding the future of Championship Manager with the announcement that the next season update ? Championship Manager: Season 01/02 (CM 01/02) ? will be published in October 2001.

This release, which will be the last update of Championship Manager 3 (with the eagerly-awaited Championship Manager 4 due for release in 2002), will contain all of the fiercely-addictive gameplay which CM fans have come to expect, as well as a host of new features.

?The world of football never stands still, which is why fans of Championship Manager demand these annual updates,? offers Paul Collyer, Joint Chairman of Sports Interactive. ?We think that this final update of version 3 will be as close to perfect as can get with our current software and should act as a good ?appetite-whetter? for next year?s major release.?

For CM 01/02, Sports Interactive?s ever-growing team of national and global researchers (which now numbers more than 500) has compiled detailed profiles and histories of more than 100,000 players, managers and coaches from 26 leagues, worldwide.

"CM 01/02 will also feature an improved data editor that will allow users to modify player statistics. The new data editor will allow users to keep their team's squads up to date, as well as allowing them to add themselves into the game (if they so wish). For the ultimate challenge and complete realism, statistics of new and unknown players will be 'hidden' (to mirror the statistics and data available to real-life managers). Scouting these players will reveal their full statistics."

With enhanced media involvement, CM 01/02 will have more messages from the media, with more feedback from the local and national press than ever before.

In accordance with the new rules to be introduced next season, CM 01/02 will fully implement the new EU-regulated transfer system. All of the competitions, awards and disciplinary rules will also be updated.

CM 01/02 will feature a vastly-improved match engine, with enhanced commentary and improved artificial intelligence for opposition managers that will ensure the CM gaming experience is more compulsive than ever.

Other new features to be included are:

A new scouting feature which will give the manager an in-depth analysis on the opposition, including key players and team tactics.

The ability for managers to make notes on players in the game.

The chance for managers to approach the governing bodies to appeal against bans imposed on their players.

A facility to allow managers to send players away for surgery to repair recurring injuries.

The manager will be able to issue the board ultimatums? and vice versa.

Updated player and team photos.

A full international simulation, featuring all the major tournaments (as well as ?B? and Under-21 teams).