I challenge you to a dog-fight, at ten paces.

Posted by Staff
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the continuing success of it?s partnership with Namco via the release of the latest instalment of the highly successful Ace Combat series, Ace Combat 4, for their computer entertainment system PlayStation 2.

Scheduled for release in Q4, Ace Combat 4 has unparalleled 3D graphics and multi gameplay modes. Players will be pushed to the limits as they dive down canyons, fly through mountain passes and burst above the clouds as they chase missiles and shoot down the enemy.

Improved super-smooth 3D polygon graphics, provide some of the most spectacular 3D visuals ever seen on PlayStation 2. Photo-realistic backgrounds transport the player through breath-taking environments including snow-capped mountains, vast plains and ravaged environments.

Namco have established a reputation for producing the most exciting mission based flight combat series. Ace Combat 4 builds on the success of the previous titles, updating and enhancing revolutionary ideas such as the eye control system, the fundamental feeling of flight and overhauling the control system to take advantage of the PlayStation 2?s increased technical abilities.


Based in the present day, in a distant world similar to Earth. Ace Combat 4 is set in the continent of ?Usea?, a troubled place composed of numerous countries in conflict with one great nation. The situation is so delicate it is called ?Armed Peace?.

A giant meteorite has ravaged the planet. Thousands of small rocks and dust have scattered over Usea wrecking havoc with people?s lives and leaving craters and destruction in its wake.

The impact of the meteorite has left the ?Armed Peace? hanging in the balance, the player must take the role of fighter pilot as he prepares to battle to save what is left of humanity.