WRC on PS2

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of World Rally Championship (WRC).

Posted by Staff
Developed by Evolution Studios, this title is set to transform the Rally genre as we know it today.

Utilising a unique deal signed with International Sports Communicators (ISC) for the exclusive game licence to the FIA World Rally Championships 2001-2005. World Rally Championship is the first title to incorporate a fantastic number of licenced elements including the official FIA World Rally Championship logo, rally names, rally stage plans, driver images, cars, team and rally sponsors to make it the most realistic rally driving experience ever seen on a games console.

Evolution Studios, formed by Martin Kenwright (founder of DID) and Ian Hetherington (co-founder of Psygnosis Ltd) will use the scope of this licence together with groundbreaking technology, unprecedented attention to detail and over a decade of expertise to deliver a truly innovative and captivating game.

Evolution Studios will use several brand new technologies, including a 3d technology system and an unparalleled and realistic new driving model with over 150 tuneable parameters, a selection of which is available to the player at the start of every stage. The gamer can also take part in a shakedown before each stage thus experiencing the real tension, thrills and spills of rally driving as the car accurately interacts with the terrain.

?Worlds? have been created with breathtaking photo-realistic detail. With the aid of satellite data and thousands of photographs, rallies from the dusty heat hazes of the Kenyan safari to the snow covered forests of Sweden have been mapped out in astounding detail. This, together with a draw-distance of several kilometres ensures WRC has stunningly realistic vistas.

The cars and tracks are modelled in incredible detail, with fully destructible car bodies showing progressive damage and the splattering of mud and dirt. The real WRC rally drivers have been fully animated to show a stunning likeness, providing a thorough in-cockpit commentary to convey the true feeling and grittiness of rally driving.

With full setup options and various levels of skill, gamers can choose a quick, single stage, the full Championship or perhaps an energetic head to head super special. With any of these options WRC brings the realism of travelling at incredible speeds through narrow rally stages in hugely powerful and sophisticated rally cars right where it should be - fully rendered and roaring away in the comfort of your own home!