Game Boy Color Wins Top Gun

Titus Software to publish Top Gun for Game Boy Color in June 2001.

Posted by Staff
Are you a 'Maverick' or an 'Iceman'? Are you cool, calm and collected or do you fly by the seat of your pants? The answers to these aeronautical questions and many more can be found in Top Gun for Game Boy Color, due to be published by Titus Software in June 2001.

Developed by Fluid, Top Gun is a stunning multi-scrolling isometric flyer delivering a large number of missions and types of aircraft while maintaining the straightforward and addictive gameplay that Gameboy Color gamers know and love.

Top Gun is choc full of seat-ejecting action. Mistakes in this adrenalin-fuelled environment will leave players more dead than 'Goose'.

Key Top Gun features include:

Multi scrolling 'shoot 'em up' action
12 unique missions featuring Arctic, Ocean, Forest and Desert
Four enemy 'Ace' aircraft
Three completely different weapon types

Top Gun will be published by Titus Software and distributed by Virgin Interactive for Game Boy Color in June 2001.