Cruisin' And Bruisin'

Titus Interactive Announces Sgt. Cruise - an Amazing PC 3D Action Title.

Posted by Staff
Combining the graphical styles of Tex Avery with the sophisticated gaming mechanics of a mass of genres, Sgt. Cruise really is in a league of its own. Available for PC early 2002, the game mixes hardcore blasting action with racing and strategy to create a game with no equal.

Sgt. Cruise is a laugh-out-loud assault on all senses, with big weapons, bigger levels and even bigger characters. Assuming the role of the titular hero, players must defend the world from an alien invasion - with the action coming thick and fast, spread across three distinct mission formats.

Initially, players guide Sgt. Cruise through sublime 3D shooting sequences. Stunning lighting and terrain effects bring the cartoon world to life - though anyone who spends too much time admiring the scenery won't last long at all. The game's sophisticate artificial intelligence routines and cunning mission goals make these sections superb-tough - only Sgt. Cruise's awesome firepower stands any chance of clearing the way.

Sgt. Cruise can also hi-jack vehicles - and these come into play throughout the remaining mission types. Every now and again, our hero will find himself having to prove his worth against the fiendish aliens by beating them fair and square in a race. Unfortunately, his opponents don't know the meaning of the phrase "fair and square" and will try every trick possible to knock out the Sarge. The aliens continually play dirty - so avoiding elimination will require every ounce of skill.

Players will need to draw on experience gleaned in previous missions for the awesome vehicle-based challenges, which require a lot of racing and a lot of blasting. The amazing 3D engine really comes into its own here as players partake in sabotage raids, tactical deployment and all-out annihilation.

Sgt. Cruise will offer a mix of single-player missions and two-player mayhem - with the latter allowing players to use the same console. Hidden passages and bonuses offer secret challenges, with players rewarded with supreme firepower on completion of these additional goals

With missions spread across land, sea and air and the game even adapting conditions dependent on weather conditions and even the time of day, Sgt. Cruise will become one of the must-have games for the PC.

Sgt. Cruise will be released for PC early 2002 published by Titus Interactive and distributed by Virgin Interactive.