"Dead or alive, you're coming with me"

Whip out the over-sized gun, officer Murphy is back on the PlayStation 2 in Robocop.

Posted by Staff
Titus Interactive Studio have resurrected one of the greatest movie heroes for their ambitious first-person 3D shoot-'em-up for PlayStation 2 due this November 2001 - Robocop.

Based on the three hit MGM movies, the gamer takes the role of Robocop on a mission to uncover a sinister plot by the notorious OCP Corporation. This time they aim to wipe out all cyborgs, Robocop included.

There are 15 stunning levels based on the locations from the films. As Robocop the gamer must trawl the city of Detroit and explore both the inner-city slums and high-rise metropolis, protecting the innocent, upholding the law and blowing away anyone foolish enough to stand in his way.

A cinematic script will keep you hooked from beginning to end but don't worry, there's more than a fair share of hi-tech weaponry to keep you entertained.


15 different missions/investigations.
Large range of weapons, enemies and upgraded items.
Stunning visual SFX: lightning, smoke, fog, dynamic SFX.
Real time "movie-like" cinematics.
Advanced adaptative AI.

Robocop will be developed and published by Titus Interactive and distributed by Virgin Interactive on PlayStation 2 this November 2001.