Titus Encourages Four-play

Planet Monsters blasts onto Game Boy Advance.

Posted by Staff
Planet Monsters, Titus's superb multi-player action game, will be unleashed onto Game Boy Advance in August 2001 - and the only rule needed to play is: there are no rules.

Up to four players will be able to compete against each other in the Planet Monster World Championship, in which only the devious will triumph. Utilising a top-down view, players scamper around the 40 levels, picking off opponents using skill, cunning - and a shed-load of traps, weapons and bonus skills.

Yet this is no turn-based combat game; the action within Planet Monsters is fast and furious. It's easy to pick up and play, whilst the combinations of traps, weapons and scenery makes it a challenge every time. The last man standing is the winner - until the next time.

With its superb cartoony look, and fiendishly simple gameplay, Planet Monsters, is a superb addition to the Game Boy Advance line-up.

Addictive one-, two-, three- or four-player action
40 levels
Eight worlds
Stacks of bonuses and secrets
Easy to pick up and play

Planet Monsters will be released for Game Boy Advance, in August 2001, published by Titus and distributed by Virgin Interactive.