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SWING! Entert@inment Media AG announces Tiny Toon Adventures - Plucky´s Big Adventure for the PlayStation®.

Posted by Staff
Once again, things have gone awry in the Tiny Toons universe. Poor little Plucky has forgotten to do his homework - but rather than work through the night or copy off someone else, he hatches an altogether more devious plan. Yup, he does what any budding inventor would do and puts together a time machine

Tiny Toon Adventures - Plucky´s Big Adventure, due to be released by SWING! Entert@inment for PlayStation® during Q2 2001, sees Plucky and his chums Hamton, Babs and Buster, dashing round the wondrous ACME Looniversity trying to find the five time-machine components they need in order to successfully travel back in time. In order to solve the puzzles, get the parts, invent the machine and - phew - do the homework, each character's unique abilities must be utilised at the right place and the right time.

Tiny Toon Adventures - Plucky´s Big Adventure boasts wonderful 3D graphics, pushing the PlayStation® to the limits. It's a hilarious romp through the Tiny Toons world, featuring many of the kids' favourite characters. A massive cartoon adventure with stacks of intricate puzzles, which will entertain players for an age - this is one Playstation title which, despite its name, is anything but Tiny.


· Hilarious 3D cartoon adventure
· 22 different rooms to explore within the ACME Looniversity
· Clean, fresh and versatile high-quality 3D graphics
· Easy to use intuitive controls
· Masses of puzzles ranging from simple key and door puzzles to more complex riddles

Tiny Toon Adventures® - Plucky´s Big Adventure will be released for PlayStation®, during Q2 2001, published by SWING! Entert@inment Media AG and distributed by Virgin Interactive.

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