Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire For PlayStation Console

Disney?s next new animated feature film comes to life on PlayStation.

Posted by Staff
Deep below the earth?s surface dwells mystery beyond your wildest dreams.

Deeper lies an ancient, undiscovered land.

Deeper still the keys to unlock its secret wait undisturbed. Until now!

Driven by the legend of Atlantis, join our young hero, cartographer and linguist, Milo Thatch as he uncovers the secrets of The Lost Empire. Journey to the depths of the ocean and along the way hidden dangers swim, lurk and spy at every turn in the dark undersea caverns. What you encounter next will change things forever?

Key Features:

Based on The Walt Disney Company?s upcoming summer release, the adventures of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire comes to life on PlayStation.

Enjoy true, signature Disney-style gameplay ? kids will want it for its action-packed gameplay; parents will love it for it?s enchanting, magical story and animation.

Dive into 12 Huge Worlds! Each level characterizes locales from the film and are packed full of action, adventure, platform, puzzle and racing mechanics.

Plunge into 4 completely unique vehicles! Go deep underwater in a submarine, drive a truck, blast through stone walls in a digger, and explore the depths in a mini-submersible vehicle.

6 playable characters! Each with unique abilities and skills. Play Milo, Rourke, Moliere, Vinny, Helga or Audrey. Each character will help you through specific obstacles and puzzles.

Addictive gameplay delivering a balanced mixture of movie?like visuals, puzzles, fighting, platform, and underwater-flying ? fun for the entire family!

Exciting variety of moves ? run, jump, climb, swim, throw, and slide your way out of precarious situations.