Many Hands Make Gamers Work

Titus's Hands of Time to set gripping challenge on GBC.

Posted by Staff
Whilst its more Advanced successor may be hogging the limelight come June this year, the Game Boy Color will not be neglected - especially if games like Hands of Time is anything to go by. Due to be published by Titus in June 2001, the game combines a wealth of gaming styles to offer one of the format's most gripping of challenges.

Set in an alternate reality, Hands of Time features Sebastian Mortyr, an adventurer and all-round hero sent into the past to destroy a prototype time machine. If his mission fails, the time machine falls into dangerous hands - enabling a totalitarian nation to achieve global domination.

Hands of Time combines all-out action with more traditional puzzle-solving and adventuring. Eight massive maps with numerous secret passages await the player - each populated by touch adversaries, including mutated rats, agents from the future, death legions and cybermonsters.

In addition, players can commandeer five vehicles and discover over 80 in-game items, each of which will go some way to advancing the quest. Interactive cut-scenes relay key points in the game, and with 29 characters to meet the plot is as thick as they come.


Eight massive levels
Mixture of gaming styles
Eight in-game weapons
29 in-game objects
Multi-layered gaming objectives

Hands of Time will be released for Game Boy Color, in June 2001, published by Titus and distributed by Virgin Interactive.