Elastic Fantastic

Swing! Entert@inment Media AG introduce the 3D adventure that will snap you out of reality.

Posted by Staff
If you think that you've seen it all then you definitely haven't seen Freak Out on PlayStation®2. A bizarre plot coupled with the strangest graphics to grace Sony's super console are going to shake up your preconceptions of what a console game is all about.

Thirteen demons are on a mission to subvert the thirteen prettiest sisters on the planet by possessing them. Unfortunately for the last demon he ends up possessing the final sister's scarf instead. Revenge is sweet, as they say, and Linda decides to take her revenge armed with her possessed scarf to rescue her siblings.

Everything the scarf touches will get a get jolt of supernatural energy. Linda can grab, throw climb, pull and even enlarge the enemies she comes across on her quest proving that Freak Out is going to the wackiest 3D adventure ever.

· The most unique gameplay yet seen in a game
· The world's first 'elastic' 3D engine
· Hundreds of objects to interact with and deform
· Classic boss encounters requiring quick thinking and even quicker reflexes
· Huge, surreal levels to explore

Freak Out is developed by Treasure and will be published by Swing! Entert@inment Media AG, and distributed by Virgin Interactive. Look out for this year's maddest game when it's released in June 2001 for the Playstation®2.