Introducing the Manager of the Year

Virgin Interactive brings top Management game to UK PlayStation 2 and PC owners.

Posted by Staff
Aspiring football managers will be able to take control of a host of top European teams, with Football Manager [working title], an amazing new management simulation, due for release on PlayStation 2 and PC in September 2001.

Based on the phenomenal Bundesliga Manager - the best-selling football management title in Germany - Football Manager marries an unrivalled level of statistical detail with a stunning real-time 3D engine, to create the most sophisticated management game of all time.

Bundesliga Manager has evolved during the last 10 years, and is now in its sixth incarnation. Many of the features and facets are the result of fans' wishes. The result is a phenomenal football management game, which offers players everything they could possibly wish for - whether they are heavyweight management veterans, or new to the genre.

Completely redesigned to suit the European market, Football Manager boasts all the domestic leagues, as well as the top leagues from 15 countries. Players can compete in domestic and European competitions, or even build their own from scratch. The attention to detail in terms of statistics supplied with the game is astounding, with managers able to import photos of their squad to complete the authenticity.

Most of the options within the game can be customised to offer as deep a game as the player demands. In addition to scouting for new squad members, training existing ones and formulating winning strategies, players can even develop the ground surrounding the stadium - including building training and medical facilities

But the most noticeable feature of Football Manager is the real-time 3D engine, which wouldn't look out of place in an arcade football game. Options can be set to ensure each player resembles their real-life counterpart and each match can be viewed as it happens, allowing managers to cast their critical eye from the touchline, stands, or any other viewpoint in order to improve areas of the squad.

Of course, all of this is fully customisable, so if players prefer to analyse the game from the statistics alone, then that is viable, too.

Football Manager offers the most comprehensive features seen within a football management game. Whilst it is undoubtedly the flashiest of management games available on either format, its decade of experience playing in Germany ensures this is no young upstart.


- All the teams and players from the top domestic and European leagues
- Full customisable playing options - players can be as involved in the club set-up as they like
- Amazing 3D matches allow managers to influence games as they happen
- Builds on 10 years of player feedback to produce a game reflecting the wishes of the fans
- Superb presentation
- Fully updatable statistics

Football Manager will be available for PC and PlayStation 2 in September 2001 published by Virgin Interactive.