Titus Gets Barbaric

Barbarians to storm onto all next-generation consoles.

Posted by Staff
Since the dawn of man, wars have ravaged the earth - warriors survived by the strength of their blades, the rage of animals and the blood of thousands. These warriors stand fearless before the world - but with power the threat of even greater enemies arrives. The call to battle beckons for eternity, and to this they must answer. For they are Barbarians, Titus?s fantastic combat title for Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, and other next-gen consoles in 2002.

Barbarians is the next generation of arena-based beat ?em ups. Soak up the guttural bloodyness of gladiatorial based fighting. With multiple opponents and even a baying crowd of thugs and warriors ready to jeer and push you around, this is one fight even Maximus would fear.

Due for release during 2002, Barbarians is an arena-based fighting game combining the best of classic beat-?em-ups with a host of new features, set in an atmospheric Anglo-Saxon universe.

- Arena-based combat with sub-arenas accessible during the game
- Multiple character frenzy in a full 3D Environment
- Interactive objects usable as weapons
- Rich and Detailed Training Area
- Hidden assets giving constant rewards
- Catch and throw enemies during fights
- AI ?thugs? join in the battle
- 4 player Multiplayer mayhem
- Real-Life Top models playing female fighters

Barbarians will be released for all next-generation consoles throughout 2002, published by Titus and distributed by Virgin Interactive.