Virgin Continues Bloodline On PS2

Virgin Interactive set to publish Bloody Roar 3 for PS2 in June 2001.

Posted by Staff
Virgin Interactive's bloodlust is ready to go wild with the release of Hudsonsoft's Bloody Roar 3 for PlayStation 2 in June 2001.

Bloody Roar 3 pits 12 outlandish combatants against each other in one of the most ambitious 3D fighting games to grace the PlayStation 2. Returning from Hudsonsoft's widely-acclaimed PS1 titles are Stun, Long and Jenny, each of whom brings a unique fighting skill to the arena - not to mention the ability to transform into a carnivorous alter ego.

During each bout, players build an energy bar based on the number of successful kicks and punches they land on their opponent. As the bar fills, players can then morph their combatant into terrifying manimals from beasts such as lions and tigers to moles. The morph, in turn, unlocks a secondary control system specifically designed with each creature's combat moves and appearance in mind. In effect, this offers players two distinct combat types within one game.

Bloody Roar 3 sees the introduction of two key additions to the world-beating series. The 3D worlds are now fully interactive, allowing combatants to hurl their opponents through walls. Hudsonsoft has also included an all-new 'Super Beast' mode, which doubles the ferocity of the Beast attacks for a limited time period. All these claw-slashing features are guaranteed to make Bloody Roar 3 the definitive fighting game for PlayStation 2.

The Bloody Roar series has continually set new standards within the beat-'em-up genre since the release of the original game back in 1998. A sequel followed a couple of years later and built on the original's solid reputation with a host of new features and updated visuals.

The games have always been released to critical and commercial acclaim; and the third in the series looks set to be the best of the series.

Bloody Roar 3 will be published by Virgin Interactive for PlayStation 2 in June 2001.