Pan Unveil New Game at E3 2001

PAN Interactive rocket launch the episodic real-time 3D-action/adventure.

Posted by Staff
Sweden's No.1 games publisher and distributor today announced the September 29th 2001 worldwide PC CD-ROM release of the highly anticipated episodic real-time 3D-action/adventure game, Intergalactic Bounty Hunter. The game is being developed by Galactic Alliance; a joint venture between PAN Interactive and Creative Capers.

Creative Capers is an LA-based independent CGI (computer graphics and interactive) animation studio who has worked on top animated feature films including Beauty & the Beast and Mulan, and over 30 interactive video games for Disney Interactive.

PAN will unveil the game for the first time at this year's big E3 Computer Games Exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Centre from May 17 -19 (visit Kentia Hall, Stand 6649).

The game is also the first part in a trilogy, and is being produced in an episodic manner. This new type of game structure, similar to episodes in a television series, gives PAN the freedom to utilise new distribution techniques for the sequels. PAN's multi-channelling plans (i.e. - how they exploit the intellectual property of Intergalactic Bounty Hunter) include several different types of media. The first game, published on PC CD-ROM format, is only the beginning of what PAN promise to be the ultimate interactive franchise. The IGBH concept lends itself to mobile Internet games, streaming media, cartoons and television.

The Nordics biggest games publisher sees the game set against its very own unique infinite universe; a revolutionary concept where Sci-Fi meets spectacular, larger-than-life movies combined with episodic game play, all of which takes gaming to the next level in home entertainment.

"The cinematic tone and strong storyline is designed to appeal to a broader audience," says PAN's CEO, Henrik Eklund. "The episodic game play is directly inspired by the kind of
screenplays you tend to find in Sci-Fi movies - strong believable characters, prologues, cliffhangers, and so forth. The game has a rich 1950's style ambience that pays homage to retro Sci-Fi classics."

Key Game Features:
6 episodes spanning over more than 30 levels across 7 unique worlds including the ship Reina.

More than 30 unique characters.

Remote Cameras - Pilot reconnaissance cameras into hostile areas before entering.

Real-time 3D-action/adventure game in a 50's style atmosphere, reminiscent to Flash Gordon and Star Wars.

Played primarily in a third person view (with first person views).

Traps and Tracking - Set remote pitfalls to tag and capture targets.

Cinematic soundtrack and storytelling with themes of classic Sci-Fi.

Evolving Hunter - Purchase enhancements and discover alien technology to optimise your Hunter's performance.

Brain Scan/Mind Control Technology - Explore and shape the alien mind.