Jump The Wake with Infogrames Watersport Racing Game Splashdown, Coming To The Sony Playstation 2 This Fall

Infogrames teams up with Rainbow Studios and Bombardier Recreational Products to bring SEA-DOO Racing to the Sony PlayStation 2.

Posted by Staff
Infogrames, a global publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today that they have teamed up with Bombardier Inc., the leader in Recreational Products, and Rainbow Studios, an Academy-Award winning US game developer, to bring the excitement and fun of personal watercraft (PWC) riding to the Sony PlayStation 2 this fall with Splashdown.

During the last twenty years, personal watercraft recreation has grown into a widely successful and popular sport around the world. Infogrames and Rainbow Studios recognized this and began creating Splashdown, a watersport racing game designed to provide high-speed fun and entertainment in realistic and exciting water-based environments. With interactive physics objects, outstanding graphics, and the freedom to roam its 3D worlds, Splashdown will have players feeling as if they are really out on the open water.

?Combining the ingenious minds at Rainbow Studios with the technology of the PS2, Splashdown is certain to be a must-have title this fall,? said Laddie Ervin, marketing director for Infogrames? Los Angeles Label. ?The control and graphics of this game are stunning and unbelievably realistic. It?s already fun to play and it?s only half-way complete.?

Splashdown will feature well-known personal watercraft models and equipment from SEA-DOO. As the leader in watersports fun, Bombardier, makers of SEA-DOO watercraft and Sport Boats, is committed to providing good clean fun on the water. For over a decade, Bombardier?s SEA-DOO PWC?s have stood at the forefront of its industry.

'Bombardier Recreational Products are all about fun, passion and performance, a combination that fits very well in Infogrames' universe,' says Josť Boisjoli, president, Snowmobiles, Watercraft and ATV, Bombardier Recreational Products. 'We are happy to be linked with one of the most important players in the interactive entertainment industry. This is part of our continuing efforts to partner with leaders who recognize the value of our SEA-DOO brand and the passion it invokes. SEA-DOO products are a symbol of the sought-after 'fun in the sun' lifestyle that stirs the passion of watersports enthusiasts the world over. Splashdown will combine Infogrames' expertise with our brand's inherent excitement. This will thrill both our own SEA-DOO PWC consumers and gaming enthusiasts.'

In addition to licensed SEA-DOO watercraft with custom tuned physics, Splashdown will offer amazing real-time water effects, coined by Rainbow Studios as ?hydrodynamic physics.? This includes dynamic wakes, rolling waves and turbulence that will affect how the watercraft and player responds to each turn, jump and trick. Players will be able to perform over-the-top acrobatic stunts, along with plenty of hilarious wipeouts and wrecks.

The game will feature eight different characters from around the world and 18 racing courses in exotic locations including Hawaii, USA; Lake Havasu, Arizona; Venice, Italy; Nice, France and more. The game will also feature multiple game modes including Career, Countdown and Free Ride, with three difficulty levels in each, plus a high-energy soundtrack and 2-person multi-player support.