Tribes 2 Cup

Blueyonder join the Official UK Tribes 2 Cup as a major server provider.

Posted by Staff
Blueyonder have today announced their commitment to the Official UK Tribes 2 Cup. They will be responsible for 50% of the servers hosting the Official Tribes 2 Cup, in association with Sierra, a Studio from Vivendi Universal Publishing.

The three-month Tribes 2 tournament will start at the end of May and will be based primarily on the game type "Team Hunters". Registration for the event will go live at 8pm GMT today, Friday 20th April, via the Euro-Tribesplayers website,

Teams of 8 players from all over the UK will participate in "Team combat on an epic scale" over a 7-week group tournament. The victors from each group will then battle in a knockout tournament, with the 2 finalists meeting head-to-head at i8, the 4 day LAN event at the end of August,

To be eligible, teams must have at least 8 UK resident players, who will also be available to attend the final at i8. Transport & entry to the LAN event is provided for all finalists.

The competition will be played on servers sponsored by some of the major Gaming ISPs - confirmed servers also include Netgames UK and Gameplay

Outline Rules

Teams will consist of 8 players. Players can be of any age over 13. There are no restrictions on ping/PC specifications.

Spectators other than those approved by the Admin team are not permitted on match servers. The cup admins reserve the right to arrange press/media coverage of all games.

Tribes unable to field a minimum of 5 players will have a default loss awarded against them.

Teams will be divided into "Groups" of 8 teams per Group. Over 7 weeks, each team will play all other teams in their group. Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, and one point each in the event of a tie.

The winners of each group will go forward to a knockout stage in order to decide the 2 finalists. The 2 final teams will be invited to the i8 LAN event ( to compete for the winner's title, transport and ticket costs will be covered. Teams must have 8 players available to be at i8 over the 24th - 27th weekend at the end of August.

Matches will take place on Team Hunter DM maps (TBA). Each match will consist of TWO 10 minute games, with a 5 minute break at half time. The team scores for each half will be added to decide the winner.

Team damage will be set ON for all games.

Teams must be on server within 5 minutes of the start time, any team with less than 5 players on the server at that time will default.

A representative of each team must be in IRC ( in #ukcup at least 10 minutes before match time, in order to be given the server password.

Players must wear team tags (eg. [ABC]john, john{abc} etc) so that they are easily recognisable as a team player.

Other info:


ETL (European Tribes League) was founded in mid 1999 by Brit, who ran and at the time. Its principle was playing 3 games over 3 game types (CTF. C&H and F&R). Over the following 6 months it became the nexus of tribes in Europe bringing together teams from all over in one competition. Midnight Order (MnO) won that first league in a thrilling final. Soon after while awaiting the start of the 2nd league season, the UK site was transformed into a European hub of gaming with the rebranding of the site to The new site had community personality columns, hosted diverse European clans and had some multi-lingual articles as the occasion arose.

The league went from strength to strength and in the second season the runners up from season 1 (Crushed Frogs - cF) won in a tight finish beating MnO. The site grew with a steady stream of local community information.

The ETL became the only contest to tell who is the #1 in Europe at that particular point of time. Where Ladders and such are great events, true championships need playoffs and points to get there. ETL matches have previously been played on three game types: capture the flag, capture & hold and find & retrieve. Which gives more challenge to be the best in different kind of game styles.

Structure of the event has always been pretty simple. Teams are randomly placed in few divisions and two highest scores from each pool went to playoff rounds. Except second ETL season when teams were placed in divisions by their previous achievements and then teams in division 1 played for the crown by themselves. First ETL champion title back in '99 went to MnO, second (2000) to cF and the third and last Tribes1 ETL season (2001) was dominated by Ooz.


As we move into Tribes2 both Euro Tribesplayers and the ETL are changing to fit the mood of the community. We are launching a fully personalised site to give localised information to the various subsections of the community, including own language forums for each culture.

In linking with theladder, the euro-shoutcast network and Psychic (the voting system for tribes games) we bring the community together in an attempt to further unite the tribesplayers in Europe.

We have a wide admin structure with key community players in each country to help coordinate the new system, effectively creating a governing body for community led tribes2 development in Europe.

VU Interactive Publishing Intl is the structure that covers every stage of the international marketing and a series of administrative tasks (distribution, press relations, trade marketing, catalogue, promotion of brands, sales, localisation) for the Games and Education divisions of VU Publishing. Located in Meudon-la-Foręt, France, it is headed by Christophe Ramboz.

Vivendi Universal Publishing is one of the five core businesses of Vivendi Universal, the world's second-largest communications group. It brings together publishing activities spanning all media vectors in five main markets - games, education, literature, health and information - and holds strong positions in each. The group is in particular n°2 worldwide in games on PC & Mac.

In 2000, Vivendi Universal Publishing reported revenues of 3.6 bn (pro forma), including 46 % outside France.

With 22,000 employees and 300 brands in 40 countries, it aims to become the unchallenged leader in its chosen sectors.