ELSPA and ISFE release a summary of the 2nd ISFE Experts Conference

Games and Society...

Posted by Staff
ELSPA (The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) and ISFE (The Interactive Software Federation) has released the executive summary of the second ISFE Experts Conference and a transcript of Jeffery Goldstein's speech on Games and Society on the ISFE and ELSPA websites, respectively.

The conference, which ran from June 26th to 27th in Brussels, was themed this year towards 'the impact of online gaming on our society'. This subject was discussed from many varying viewpoints in panels by a range of experts over the two days.

Both ELSPA and ISFE encourage dialogue between the video game industry and those familiar with the effects of their products, in light of this tradition the two day conference included many different experts opinions. One of the highlights was a speech by Jeffery Goldstein, University of Utrect, who addressed aggression and applied research on children and new media.

The executive summary of the conference can be found at The Industry, Events & Trade Fairs website.

The transcript of Jeffery Goldstein's speech can be found here.