Rapid Racoon

Bath, 2nd August 2007

Posted by Staff
Lexicon Entertainment, a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for video game console systems and personal computers world-wide, is pleased to announce the signing of Rapid Racoon for Nintendo DS.

Rapid Racoon is a thrilling, fast paced and richly detailed racing game exclusively created by France developer, DK GAMES which is at the forefront of Nintendo development.

The player starts with a choice of 3 anti gravity craft which have different skills, speed and handling. There will be the opportunity to unlock 3 more craft if you win each championship attaining first place, as well as being able to unlock 2 extra craft after finishing the normal and hard mode.

As the player steers their craft around the cleverly designed track, hovering above the ground, collectables will randomly appear to both hinder and aid the player which will include missiles, mines, speedups, bombs, magnets, etc.

Three modes will be available: in easy mode, the opponents have a speed limit, which requires care and due attention, normal mode, the opponents will endeavour to not let you pass them, but will not be unduly aggressive, hard mode, the opponents will try to not let you pass them, and are outwardly aggressive! All three modes offer added gameplay for driving in a different manner with alternative strategies.

The space ? sci fi themed tracks includes visits to 3 universes:

UndaCity: based on an industrial environment: factory, dark and dirt...)

Neo terra : cliff, trees, water...)

The frontier: space station, meteor...)

Rapid Racoon offers an expertly created progression line for full enjoyment of the experience and longevity of the game!

Features include:

  • 3 modes, easy/normal/hard
  • Cutting edge graphical presentation through creation of an exceptional 3D engine and the best use of the NDS capabilities

  • Network play

  • Simply, effective controls

  • Ingenious AI

  • Each team has a mascot, and one of them will be the Racoon...

Utilizing both screens, the upper screen displays the 3D race whilst the bottom screen conveys the opponent?s position and map visualization.

Rapid Racoon, a space racer that leads the field in DS excitement and is characterized by its speed and fluidity of play!!