EON Pulls Stunts!

Mayfair-based publisher grabs acclaimed Team 17 racer.

Posted by Staff
EON Digital Entertainment, one of the UK's leading publishers of home and video game titles, has secured the PAL rights to the PC and Dreamcast versions of Team 17's stunning racing game, Stunt GP.

Scheduled for a late March release, Stunt GP is already being hailed as the ultimate 'Next Generation' racer. Wakefield-based Team 17 has worked to create a game featuring high-octane action, stunts galore and state-of-the-art aesthetics, with up to four players haring across a host of gravity-defying courses in a number of remote-controlled toy vehicles.

As befits a game based on such robust toys, Stunt GP's many vehicles can perform skids, jumps and loop-the-loops across courses featuring corkscrews, ramps and hairpin bends. Successful racers are awarded 'Aeromiles', which are used to enhance the car's performance.

The Stunt GP deal marks the first collaboration between EON Digital and Team 17. Since its inception a year ago, EON has proved itself a major player with titles such as Z: Steel Soldiers while Team 17 enjoys an enviable reputation within development circles with titles like Alien Breed, Project X, Superfrog, Worms and the forthcoming Worms World Party. A dedicated web site has also been created at http://stuntgp.team17.com.