Legendary Games Designer Tom Hall, Ion Storm and Eidos Interactive Bring You Anachronox, A Science Fiction RPG Like No Other!

You begin your journey as Sylvester "Sly" Boots, a down-on-his-luck detective with a debt hanging over his head.

Posted by Staff
Control up to three characters at a time (from an eventual cast of seven) as you explore six strange and different planets. Investigate bizarre, futuristic environments, battle with galactic foes, and discover unique weapons and objects that aid you on your quest to find out who is hurrying the collapse of the whole universe! As the epic story line unfolds, guide your own destiny through the actions you take and the choices you make.

Anachronox is being designed by Tom Hall of ID and Doom fame.

Key Features:
Search through hundreds of locations and fight tons of contextual enemies in your quest to find the truth behind the impending galactic calamity!

Immerse yourself in the most detailed, interactive, thrilling epic ever made, as you talk to hundreds of creatures, make critical decisions, control vehicles and machinery, and play fun minigames!

Features an exciting turn-based, real-time battle system--where your interactions with the surroundings are just as important as how you use your weaponry!

Features an epic story line with endless surprises and a roller coaster of emotion!

Make your own weapons with the modular Elementor weapon system with over 250 MILLION possible combinations!

Includes a "KidInstall" feature allowing parents to remove mature content, so everyone can play!