Virgin and Capcom extend range

More European releases from Japanese giant as Virgin extends publishing deal

Posted by Staff
The two firms have enjoyed a strong, profitable relationship for over five years, which has seen Virgin release dozens of Capcom's titles in Europe, maximising the potential of each through innovative marketing campaigns and aggressive sales support. Now, following the Pan European success of the Christmas ?99 blockbuster Dino Crisis, the consistency of the Street Fighter series and the establishment of the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise, Virgin is ready to announce a host of new Capcom titles across all formats.

In the first half of 2000, Virgin will debut a number of new Capcom franchises, including the madcap action game, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure which represents the latest addition to the Capcom school of 2D fight games. Capcom?s second title to hit retail will be the all-action shooting game Giga Wing. Also included in the line up will be Tech Romancer the new 3D fighter due in April 2000 featuring monstrous mechanoids battling in beautifully rendered 3D worlds. Late second quarter Plasma Sword for the Sega Dreamcast and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 also for Dreamcast will grace retail shelves.

2000 will also see the latest instalments of the hugely successful Street Fighter series with the critically acclaimed Street Fighter Alpha EX 2 Plus for PlayStation. A special Street Fighter: Double Impact edition for Dreamcast will also follow, with two versions of the game on one CD.

Virgin will also release the eagerly anticipated PC version of Dino Crisis along with an enhanced version of Resident Evil 2 for Dreamcast, due in May.

Commenting on the continuing mutually beneficial relationship, Tim Chaney, Co-President of Virgin said: ? Capcom?s reputation is growing with each new title. Virgin is proud to continue publishing the majority of their PAL releases in Europe and will be announcing further titles shortly.?