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Dawnspire - a new star among online games.

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G-Stars press news
Liezen, Austria, 22nd of February 2007: G-Stars and Lexicon present another Co-Publishing title. This time they are focussing on the huge and booming market of online gaming. Dawnspire (www.dawnspire.com) is fast-paced, yet fascinating Fantasy MORPG without monthly subscription fees providing an intuitive and highly addictive gameplay. Dawnspire is based on Player versus Player online action. Choose from five different races with loads of unique special abilities and fight-styles: clashing melee combat, artful shots from the distance or sinister black magic are your key to survival in Dawnspire.


  • Team-based online action with five different races

  • Create the character of your dreams - each char is deadly from the very beginning, the gamers` experience and skill are crucial

  • Heavy community support by the developers

  • Monthly updates containing new weapons, items and huge areals

  • Play for free - no monthly fee