Atari Launches Battlezone® for PlayStation Portable

Quick, action-based battles deliver engaging play for gamers on the move.

Posted by Staff
Atari Launches Battlezone® for PlayStation Portable
LYON, FRANCE ? 9 February 2007 ? Atari today announced that BattleZone for PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable) is available now at retailers across Europe. Developed by Paradigm Entertainment, BattleZone for PSP is a modern update to the 1980 classic arcade game, immersing players in an interactive world with relentless onslaughts of fast-paced and addictive action-orientated battles.

Set in a variety of futuristic international military environments, BattleZone puts players in control of highly manoeuvrable hover tanks in close combat scenarios against deadly rivals. BattleZone features fast and furious gameplay, photo-realistic environments, eight unique customizable team vehicles, and an assortment of devastating high-powered weaponry and multiplayer battles. The four-player WiFi mode lets players go head to head, while unlockable weapons, vehicles and upgrades add even greater depth to the gameplay experience. In addition, extra game content will be available through the BattleZone web site, offering gamers news, leader boards and an exclusive online level builder tool that allows players to customize game maps. The extra content can then be downloaded to the players? PSP system through a local PC-USB connection.

BattleZone provides players with six popular game modes, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Hotzone, Knockout, and Fox and Hound. For casual gamers, the single player mode offers an easy learning curve for pick-up and play gaming and a tournament progression to win upgrades and enhancements.

Designed to take advantage of the high quality PSP display, BattleZone?s crisp environments depict military combat arenas from around the world. Locations include abandoned cities of Russia, jungles of China, desert canyons of the United States, Antarctica?s frozen tundra and the Canary Islands. Players can fight their way through the compelling open play of ten worlds in BattleZone, two of which can be customized online and transferred to their PSP.