Virgin Reveals Hidden Details

PS2-only action adventure due for Q3 2001 release.

Posted by Staff
Developed exclusively for PlayStation 2, Hidden Invasion is an action-packed third-person adventure, with heavy horror and sci-fi influences.

The plot is being kept firmly under wraps ? but, in short, players will find themselves in charge of a Special Forces leader sent out to investigate a sinister threat. As the game progresses and the action gets faster, the Hidden Invasion of the title will become alarmingly apparent.

Hidden Invasion is being developed specifically for PlayStation 2 and merges astounding visual aesthetics with a cinematic storyline, generating heart-stopping dramatic tension and excitement.

Key Features:
Action-packed adventure game in a horror/sci-fi scenario.
Cinematic storyline, divided into several chapters.
Real-time ?skinning? of game character models, which allows for a smooth and realistic look.
True-to-life animations through motion capturing.
Astounding special effects within interactive destructible environments.
Huge array of effect-heavy weapons.
Extremely clever enemy pathfinding routines ? enemies will even try to find short-cuts.
Intuitive controls.