Final launch date set for 'Age of Conan'

One of the most anticipated PC games in development to be released in late October.

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Final launch date set for 'Age of Conan'
Durham, USA ? January 25, 2007 ? Funcom and Eidos announce a new release date for the hugely anticipated MMO ?Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures?. Widely heralded as one of the most innovative and best looking games in development, co-publishers Funcom and Eidos have now decided to further hone the qualities of the game. The new release date is set to the 30th of October 2007 and will further ensure an online experience with truly stunning impact.

?Age of Conan? brings something brand new and highly innovative to the MMO genre? says CEO Trond Arne Aas. ?Age of Conan? today looks and plays fantastically, as countless press previews and industry feedback attest to. Even so, we believe that by spending even more time and effort into polishing and enhancing the game we will ensure that the game reaches its full potential in terms of quality and subscriber base. We are confident that our fan base will appreciate this commitment to quality. The prolonged development time reflects our ambition to meet and exceed the expectations of our fans for this game.?

?Age of Conan is truly a labor of love for Funcom and I am proud and amazed at the accomplishments of our world class development team. The extra development time on Age of Conan will enable us to deliver a truly awesome MMO gaming experience ? with next generation MMO-combat and a lush and vibrant world to live in, said Gaute Godager, founder of Funcom and Game Director on ?Age of Conan?. ?Now we can pack even more punch into the brutal world of Conan, and, by Crom, I feel certain that we will deliver a game that will appeal to a broad range of players as we introduce new features to the genre.?

?Age of Conan? is currently in closed beta. Funcom will soon announce a unique chance to secure a spot in the open beta of the game. If you are, or will shortly become, a part of the ?Age of Conan? community you will have a unique chance to influence and impact the ?Age of Conan? game as it approaches its last stages of development.

?Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures? is one of the most anticipated PC games in development, and is a key title among the Games for Windows lineup for Windows Vista. The game won ?Best MMO of E3? awards from IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy and Yahoo. More information, newsletter sign-up, forums and a welcoming community portal can be found on the official website . Following the release of the PC version a dedicated console version will be released for the Xbox 360. The game is co-published with Eidos.