At The Beginning Of The 21st Century, The Human Race is Faced with A Dwindling Supply Of Mineral Resources and An Increase In Terrorist Activity.

The fate of Mankind is in your hands in Take 2 Interactive’s new real time strategy game Outlive.

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To help combat this problem, the World Congress (made up from the world's most powerful countries and conglomerates) initiate the OUTLIVE space program. Its objective was to map out the entire Solar System, concentrating on the exploration of mineral resources outside the planet Earth.

After analyzing all the data, technicians and scientists concluded that Titan was the richest in mineral resources. However, its adverse climatic conditions made it impossible to use a human crew in the OUTLIVE Mission.

Two groups from inside the council formed separate laboratories to devise ways of getting mining crews to Titan. One group conducted genetic research, creating a new race of genetically manipulated beings able to survive in Titan's atmosphere. The other created a range of robots capable of mining resources quickly and efficiently with no human crew.

Once on Titan, an ‘every race for its self’ mentality is adopted and the two groups quickly become competitive, fighting for the best mining positions, trying to prove that their design is best. Humans vow not to let the robots rule over them. The robots on the other hand see humans (their creators) as an inferior being, a nuisance that must be destroyed and claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

What happened next changed Humanity forever…

Key Features:
Over 40 single player maps to conquer.
More than 20 units to build, customize and command.
Up to 16 players via LAN or Internet.
Advanced Artificial Intelligence delivers the player a totally new gaming challenge.
Different trees of research for each of the factions, make the customization of all units possible.
Mine and manage new resources: nuclear, solar and aeolian.
Engage in espionage missions to provide you with essential information.