EON Digital Entertainment over the moon with signing of top football title.

Posted by Staff
EON Digital Entertainment today confirmed it has secured the rights to publish its first PlayStation 2 title. Although a name has yet to be confirmed for PAL territories the Taito developed title was released in Japan at the end of 2000 to great critical acclaim under the name Greatest Striker.

First up, the game features two control methods, making it accessible to gamers of all skill levels. To assist newcomers, the game's basic commands - pass, shoot and tackle - can all be assigned to just one button. Once pressed, the game's artificial intelligence decides which action should be carried out having calculated the position on the pitch of each player and the ball. For those who want to take full control players can access the advanced setting which allows for greater finesse and range of actions such as chip passes and through balls.

Although we all strive for victory football's not just about winning, but how well you played and thanks to the title's World Ranking Mode players can see just how good they and their team really are.

Having selected a team the player takes part in three matches and each section of the team - attack, midfield, defence/goalkeeper - is given a score. This score is dependant on the actions of players during the match such as how many goals are scored, how well timed tackles are and how many passes are completed successfully. So, although your forwards may be banging in the goals, with a little more effort in midfield your team's overall performance will be greatly improved.

A dedicated website will allow gamers to post their World Ranking Mode scores, comparing them with those of gamers across the world. Will an English gamer buck the trend of our current national side and top the rankings or will we once more be confined to mid-table mediocrity?

With over 40 international sides to select from the world's elite to emerging footballing nations, the game offers a real taste of football from around the globe. Pick your favourite side for a one-off match or enter one of the title's tournament or league modes to see if your skills will take you all the way to the cup. All modes can be played against human or computer opposition and with the addition of a multi-tap four people can all get in on the action.

Key Features:

1 button control method for novice players.
Over 40 international teams.
Innovative world ranking mode.
Real-time weather effects have impact on gameplay.
Extremely detailed players who react to goals and bad decisions as in real life.
Crowd reactions and impressive stadia deliver incredibly realistic atmosphere.
Compete in cup and league modes.
Up to 4 players.